Jumat, 02 November 2012

How Essential Oils Differ From Dried Herbs

Essential Oils are the heartbeat of the plant kingdom, 
and are perhaps the most exciting life-giving substance we 
have in the world today. They represent in plants what 
blood represents in humankind - life! This heartbeat is 
the energy that was created to deliver the nutrients into 
every cell of the body.

Defined: Essential oils are the subtle, volatile liquids 
that are distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, 
bushes and seeds.

An ancient process, oil distillation is a delicate and 
precise art that has been almost forgotten. Science is just 
now re-discovering the incredible healing power of 
Essential Oils, and beginning to acknowledge their value 
for our health.

More Potent Than Herbs...

Being concentrated, The oils contain virtually all of the 
plants healing nutrients, oxygenating molecules, amino acid 
precursors, coenzyme A factors, trace minerals, enzymes, 
vitamins, hormones and more. And because they are 
concentrated, EO's are from 50 to 70 times more 
therapeutically potent than the herbs or plants they are 
derived from. Unlike dried herbs that can lose up to 90% of 
the healing nutrients and oxygen molecules, Essential Oils 
do not. Research further shows that Essential Oils when 
applied to skin will penetrate every single cell within 20 

Because the very life force of the plant is contained in 
EO's, and because this life force synergizes so favorably 
with the human body, Essential Oils are now being 
considered as medicine by some of the world's most 
prominent doctors.

Clinical research shows that Essential Oils have the highest 
frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an 
environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., 
cannot live.

Recent research has also shown that many of the so called 
"super bugs" that has modern medicine so concerned, cannot 
survive in the presence of essential oils...Nor has there 
been any pathogen known to resist EO's by mutating.

Best of all, 100% pure, therapeutic grade Essential Oils are 
freely available and safe for home use. Many people diffuse 
the oils into the atmosphere of their homes, creating a 
virus free and pleasant environment. Many of the oils are 
applied directly to the skin to receive almost immediate 
benefit from many ailments.

Others are inhaled for relief from headaches, nausea, 
emotional release, etc.

Nature's Most Effective Delivery Agent...

Because Essential Oils contain such high amounts of 
oxygenating molecules, they act as an effective delivery 
agent to bring food nutrients THROUGH the cell wall to feed 
the cell nucleus.

Without an adequate delivery agent to assist the cell to 
receive needed nutrients, the cell can become deprived of 
needed nutrition. Without adequate nutrition, the cell wall 
thickens hindering further delivery of nutrients. When 
malnutrition occurs, the cell begins to deteriorate, 
creating a host for disease-causing pathogens. Essential 
Oils are known for their ability to "fly" through the 
thickest cell walls. They have the ability to restore 
diseased and malnourished cells back to health. In fact, 
EO's are nature's most effective catalyst and delivery 
agent for feeding your body's several trillion cells.