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Understanding The Root Cause of Sciatica Pain

It is very important for a person to understand in detail about sciatica. The reasons, symptoms and causes differ from person to person. Due to this sole reason, the origination of sciatica changes accordingly. Sciatica pain is caused due to compression of nerve roots at the end of the spinal canal. Medical term for sciatica is Radiculopathy - a condition where a nerve root experiences pinching, compressed and irritated. Finding the exact root cause for the occurrence of sciatica will be helpful in providing the right treatment. Current article discusses about the common causes that elevate the pain.

Provided below are few of the important sciatica pain causing factors.

1. Degenerative disc disease:
Occurrence of degeneration in a disk is due to aging. One or more degenerated discs in the lower spinal region can cause irritation to the nerve root resulting in development of sciatica. Diagnosis for a degenerative disc carried out when a person is experiencing excessive micro-motion and inflammation. Proteins present inside the disc are exposed which is the root cause for inflammation and irritation. It is a natural aging process and requires attention in its early stage to prevent its growth.

2. Isthmic spondylolisthesis:
One or more vertebral body slips forward into another vertebral body (example: L5 vertebra slips to S1 vertebra). Due to this situation, a small stress is developed that causes pinching effect on the nerve root. When a combination of disk space collapse, a fracture and the slipping of vertebral body occurs, the pinching effect is elevated causing the development of sciatica.

3. Piriformis syndrome:
Irritation in the sciatica nerve is caused by piriformis muscle present at the rear. There is a chance that pinching effect is created by the muscle which leads to the development of sciatica. Though it does not represent true sciatica, the pain developed resembles the same as sciatica due to the irritation.

In order to overcome sciatica pain, it is important for a person to note down the symptoms experienced to find out the root cause of the problem. Based on this, a reputed spinal therapist will be in a position to provide treatment that comprises of medication and tailor made exercises. Diagnosis will also be helpful in finding out the root cause especially when patients opt for MR Neurography. Reducing the pain is an important factor to carry out regular activities in a day to day life without any trouble.

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